Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's about time

But, I don't know where to many things have happened in the last couple of months... We moved from O! town, spent fun 2 weeks with Jordan's family in G, went on a trip to Jackson Hole with Jordan, and moved to the amazing O island, just to mention a few. I want to write all about the fun experiences we've had here so far, but I'm thinkng I should write a post about O! town to wrap things up.

So, here's top 10 reasons why I loved living in O! town so much:

10. Having no traffic jam---I always thought it was funny that they would even have a traffic reports in the morning. Bad traffic in O! town is like going 40 mph on highways.

9. Furniture Mart---It's the most amazing furniture store ever! The Zoo and the furniture mart should be the top 2 tourist destinations in O! town.

8. Med Center---If I have a baby, I would love to go back there to have it! The rooms are big, and nurses are very nice. But the best thing about the hospital is the 24-hour room service. I kind of looked forward to 3am feeding so that I could order a parfait or muffin to snack on while I fed Yuki or Aisa.

7. Vising Winter Quarters and other church history sites---It was nice to be able to visit Independence, Nauvoo, and WQ to learn more about pioneers. Their faith and testimonies are so inspiring.

6. Living so close to everything---and I mean everything. Temple, botanical garden, zoo, children's museum, concert venues, theaters, etc. The farthest place you have to drive is 20 minutes max. I loved how we could go to a concert at a big arena and to be able to come home in 5 min. I also loved having temple only 20 min. away. Such a big blessing.

5. Steak!!!---I've never eaten so much good steak in my life. During the last three years, I have come to realize that I LOVE LOVE LOVE steak and it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to ever be a vegetarian.

4. People---I was impressed with what a good hearted people they are in Midwest region. A lot of people are christians with great values. It was so refreshing to see non-LDS people attending churches on Sundays and participating in different church activities during the weekdays.

3. Having forrest as our back yard---We had quite many "visitors" in our backyard, and Yuki loved it! Every morning it was fun for us to open the blinds to see if there were any animals like deer, turkeys, squirrels and sometimes even peacocks and owls. I also loved seeing how it gets greener every day in the spring time and seeing leaves changing colors in the fall time.

Sometimes, we would see 10+ turkeys roaming around just outside out our window. Crazy!

2. Zoo---Greatest zoo ever! We loved going there and seeing seeing penguins, monkeys in the jungle, and bears swimming in the pool. It was so nice that we only lived 5 min. away from it, too.

1. Wondeful friends and neighbors---Oh, how I miss them... Yuki's playmates. Girls Night Out. Sharing moments of glee and despair. "Jeep rides". Crafting. Hanging out. Music time... I sure miss having instant playdates everyday out in the front yard. There were so many children in the neighborhood, and they were all good kids. Usually no hitting or fighting. And those kids' moms are just superb women-righteous, talented, and kind. Being surrounded by those friends was one of the big blessings we recieved in O! town. I could never thank them enough for being what amazing examples, help and friends they were to us.

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