Monday, May 25, 2009

First of many lasts

Last Wednesday, Yuki attended his last music time. Last two years, we've enjoyed Cherubs music time a lot. He mostly just observes while at the music time. But, at home he sings along and dances when I sing the song we learned at the music time. Some of his favorites songs are(I'm writing this as a note to myself):
  • Where is ....
  • The world outside my window...
  • Ice cream songs
  • Once there was a snowman
  • Chicken dance
  • Shake, shake, shake your bean bags
  • Tooti tata

It's been so much fun to learn different songs together with Yuki. We'll miss music a lot.

One of Yuki's favorite parts of the music time-performing the La La song with a puppet

It's sad, but there will be a lot more lasts coming...last trip to the zoo, last walk at the garden, last hanging out with the neighbors, etc. Even though I'm so excited to go back to Japan, I'll miss it here tremendously.

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