Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dried rice

This is the beginning of our family blog. We've had many challenging and fun experiences together. Recently we have returned from living in rural Nebraska. We lived in a small bungalow apartment and enjoyed the quiet lifestyle. When we returned back to the city, life again became fast-paced and busy. Jordan spends many hours at the hospital and clinic. One day Jordan bumped into his colleague who had just returned from our old bungalow apartment in rural Nebraska. Jordan asked his colleague how he liked the job there. His colleague replied, "The work is great, but the apartment is awful." Jordan asked, "Why?" thinking to himself, "I thought when we left the apartment we did our best to clean it." His colleague replied, "There's dried rice everywhere! I wouldn't be surprised to see rice on the kitchen floor, but to see a rice trail in the living room to the bathroom is really odd. And how the heck did rice get in the bedroom?" Later that night Jordan told the story to me and we laughed and laughed as we remembered Yuki eating his rice as he ran around the house. I thought to myself, "Follow the trail of rice and you'll find us."

P.S. Just to you won't think we are the biggest slobs who don't even clean up after themselves. The flooring at the apartment was carpet, even in the kitchen and bathroom(Yikes!). Why didn't we just vacuum the apartment before we left? We tried, but the vacuum was broken. I tried so hard to sweep up, but obviously it didn't work...

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