Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday = a day of rest

NOT!!! At least not for me today... It was quite chAotIc today.
Usually on Sundays, I get to sleep in a little while Jordan wakes up with Yuki and makes pancake breakfast. Then after the church, I take a nap while kids are napping, and Jordan cooks dinner for us.

Since Jordan was gone, I had to do it all alone. I managed to get kids ready and left the house at 10:35, but we were still 10 minutes late to church. The chapel was pretty packed and the only seats available were up front. As we walked in, it was ward business. Yuki ran up the isle. That was embarrassing enough for me, but to make the matter worse, he kept running, passed the empty seats and circled the whole chapel. When he finally came back and ran passed me, I yanked his arm and made him sit. Then the sacrament started. He sat there quietly. He knew that as soon as the sacrament was over, he'd get to eat his fruit snacks. So, he behaved very well till the sacrament was over, but as soon as he ate his fruit snacks, he started to ran around again!! I chased him, and that made the running more fun for him. So, he was laughing and screaming. I yanked his arm once again and dragged him down the isle. I was so embarrassed... This was happening in front of EVERYBODY since I was sitting in the front row. I took him out and sat in the very back seat for the rest of the meeting, but he kept running around and screaming at times. I sometimes don't know what to do with my cRazY little boy... I've never felt this much frustration during church!

At home, things weren't too bad. But then when I was making dinner, he started to pull water bottles off the shelf. He made big noises and kept yelling, "Bang! Crash!" Then, I heard him say, "Sorry, Mama. Sorry, Mama." I turned around. I saw RICE all over the kitchen floor. UGH...iendiowpw&oeo%j*kwi#wend3oe%enm!!!! Since he apologized, I couldn't get mad. All I could say was, "It's okay. We'll clean up." At least it was uncooked rice, so it wasn't sticky...

Then, I took him upstairs to bathe him, and I saw that every inch of his room was covered with toys, toys, and more toys. Is it just Yuki or does every little kid LOVES to damp everything?

I just felt like cHaoS followed me everywhere today. I'm just happy to be writing this in complete silence and peace right now while trying to ignore the fact that I still have to go and face the chaotic kitchen sink overflowing with dishes. Sigh...
*Pictures have nothing to do with the post, but I thought I'd insert them since the post itself is so boring!

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