Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miss you...

Last night, Jordan put our Civic on craigslist thinking it'll take a while to sell it. WRONG!!! So many people called today, and a handful of people came out to look at the car. Less than 24 hours after posting it on the craigslist, it's sold.

So the story goes, Jordan got in an accident in his Chevy pickup a day before our first date. He was okay, but the truck was totalled. On the first date, he came to pick me up in his sister's Civic. On the second date, he came to pick me up in his family's old beat-up Honda. On the third date, he showed up in the good looking silver Civic which we loved and enjoyed driving for the last 8 years. I learned to drive stick shift with it. We've gone to so many fun places with it-Grand Canyon, Sedona, California, Las Vegas, to name a few. I used to think Civic was such a greatest car. The car has gone through a couple of accidents and the back doors don't open from the outside. But still, Civic has been a great car for us, and Jordan is sad to depart with it. I'm a little bit sentimental too since it was our first car. This experience has reminded me that material things don't last.

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